Happy Tummy at Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria

My boyfriend raved about Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria when he was Sydney. ‘It’s a must try’, he said. Of course I took his word for it, and sought out the place one weekday evening. When I got there, the place was packed. Good thing, it was just me, myself and I, so I was able to get a table immediately. While I was reading the menu, I was also observing how accommodating and cheerful the staff were. They look like they love what they were doing (which is quite rare to see in the service industry). Oh, and when I...

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Table for One: Dinner at The Rocks Cafe

Table for one. That sounds lonely, huh. Well, one of the things that I’ve got to do when I was alone in a foreign country was to dine out by myself. At first, it felt somewhat daunting, like I had to explain to the server why I didn’t have anyone with me. But, I immediately got over it, cause really whatever, I’m hungry. And boy was I hungry when I got to The Rocks Cafe. I was exploring Sydney the whole day, and was tired from all the walking and getting lost. Luckily, I was already near the cafe when...

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13 Unforgettable Things About My 2013

2013 has been an eventful year for me and I would really love to remember every bit of it. Summarizing my memories in a list won’t do it justice but what the heck. Here’s my last hurrah to the previous year before I fully embrace 2014. 01. Traveling alone for the first time. 02. All my Sydney (mis)adventures. 03. The Aussies I’ve befriended but probably won’t meet again. 04. Deciding to watch the Aerosmith concert based on a toss-coin result. Oh, and that spur of the moment FOB concert too. 05. The food trips (Cav  - the diver scallops &...

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To the Past, and the Future: 2014 – Bring It On!

When I’m between the limbo of wanting to hold on, and move on, it feels so twistedly disquieting yet exciting. Longing for the past, and looking forward to the future are two strange emotions to balance. With 2013 already gone, and 2014 settling in, we’re back to the beginning of the cycle. At least, I am. The period where the year ends and the new year begins has always got me in a contemplating mood. It’s so fascinating how life gives you all these bits and pieces of experiences and memories that will soon eventually fade as you jump into new...

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Birthday Week Celebration :)

27 Things (A Birthday Post)

Last Tuesday, I added another year to my age. I’m officially in the middle of being “in the late twenties”. It’s true that your perspective change when you get to this point. I’m over the phase of “I’m young, I can do what I want”. Now, I’m in the “I’m old… What the fuck am I doing in my life???” stage. I’m slowly realizing that I can’t be “Forever 21″. But then again, it’s sad to be stuck in certain stage anyway. As much as I want to be like the “[wo]man that can’t be moved”, I have to, or...

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Q1 2013: Confessions of a Procrastinator

When I said, ‘new post soon‘, I actually meant ‘expect a new post in couple of days… maybe weeks. Fine, it’s been several months already. I’ve actually been wanting to write and post something since the start of the year. For some reason, however, I’ve never gotten around to completing any of my drafted posts. I was halfway to completing my ’2012 Flashback’ post when I realize it was the 3rd week of 2013 already. This realization also demotivated me from finishing my yearly ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ post. February came, then March, and still I haven’t gotten around to finishing...

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