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Travel Throwback: Singapore

If there was one country that’s hotter than the Philippines, it’s Singapore.  I still remember the stinging heat when I visited the country a few years ago. The weather didn’t feel foreign; it felt like I never left Manila. The difference ended there, however. The


Happy Tummy at Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria

My boyfriend raved about Lucetta Pizzeria e Trattoria when he was Sydney. ‘It’s a must try’, he said. Of course I took his word for it, and sought out the place one weekday evening. When I got there, the place was packed. Good thing, it


Table for One: Dinner at The Rocks Cafe

Table for one. That sounds lonely, huh. Well, one of the things that I’ve got to do when I was alone in a foreign country was to dine out by myself. At first, it felt somewhat daunting, like I had to explain to the server

13 Unforgettable Things About My 2013

2013 has been an eventful year for me and I would really love to remember every bit of it. Summarizing my memories in a list won’t do it justice but what the heck. Here’s my last hurrah to the previous year before I fully embrace

To the Past, and the Future: 2014 – Bring It On!

When I’m between the limbo of wanting to hold on, and move on, it feels so twistedly disquieting yet exciting. Longing for the past, and looking forward to the future are two strange emotions to balance. With 2013 already gone, and 2014 settling in, we’re back

Birthday Week Celebration :)

27 Things (A Birthday Post)

Last Tuesday, I added another year to my age. I’m officially in the middle of being “in the late twenties”. It’s true that your perspective change when you get to this point. I’m over the phase of “I’m young, I can do what I want”.